Life is amazing, if you're amazing!”

— Chyll

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About Chyll

Chyll is an upcoming artist out of East Albany, Georgia. She has been living in and out of Atlanta, Georgia for years now, graduating high school in Dekalb County. Chyll has been rapping since a young adult, but she didn't take her talent serious. Once she realized her talent and her potential, she began to build a brand under her label MMBM Records. MMBM Records stands for Music Making Blacks Millions and she began her journey in her hometown, Albany. 

Things started out slow in the beginning for Chyll in Albany and she then decided to move to the southside of Atlanta, which is when she dropped her first official single and video, "Can't Teach a Loser Nothing" on Youtube in 2015 and developed a small  buzz in her hometown. As her fan base continues to grow and she continues to work on her music, Chyll surprisingly drops another single and video to follow up with her first one entitled "Hold it Steady". Hold it Steady drew more fans in with double the views of her first single.

Chyll continues to build her fan base and is currently working on building her brand. Her focus as of now is growing her fan base. She continues to be relevant by posting several videos on Facebook and videos on Youtube, which keep her viewers thoroughly entertained in between time. 

Chyll has an aggressive yet smooth flow, separating her from artists today. To find out more about Chyll, check out her social media pages by clicking the associated emblems above and there is also a contact tab to get more information about Chyll. Chyll's next project, titled, A Split Second! 

Chyll has also just released a new folllow-up single in early 2018,  titled "My Life" remix, which is now on Youtube to view; with scenes in New York to give it a vibe that hip hop needs right now. Continue following up with Chyll and her work on her amazing journey, there is so much more to come.